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Deburring and Chamfering Tools

Suriyaa CNC Works offers Deburring / Chamfering Solutions for drilled holes. The top and bottom edges of drilled holes develop burrs after drilling operation. Deburring of these burrs becomes troublesome for the shop floor engineers / mechanists. Usually deburring of these holes by conventional deburring methods results in extended cycle time and becomes costlier. The back sides of the hole are inaccessible with conventional tools. The problem becomes even more serious in the case of cross holes and the holes drilled on curved surface or flat surface with an angle
The company manufactures a range of deburrng tools to deburr the holes easily, quickly and cost-effectively in one pass. The tools can be mounted on any spindle driven machine like conventional drilling machines and CNC Machines. Apart from the standard drill size deburring tools custom built toos can also be designed according to the application requirements. Deburring tool blades are available in both H.S.S and Carbide Materials. Also the tools can be supplied with different shank types (MT, straight, BT etc.,) according to the customer's requirement
Replaceable Blade Designs:
Different Blade designs are available for different sizes, job, materials and applications
Available Types:
1. Forward Deburring
2. Backward Deburring
3. Forward and Backward Deburring

Fork Type - Front & Back Deburring Tool:
The functioning of this type of deburring tool is similar to forward & backward deburring tool but this design is recommended for very high production automated deburring operation. This tool can be used in any spindle rotating machines
Universal Deburring Tools:
The design of universal deburring tools eliminates the problem of deburring in the holes drilled in curved surfaces or flat surface with an angle. The tool is designed in such a way that the blade touches all the points of the hole so that burrs are removed completely. In particular this design is very useful to remove burrs inside the cross-holes
The blades are replaceable hence this operation is very economical.
Elliptical Hole Deburring Tools:
The elliptical hole deburring tool is designed for irregular hole surfaces which are drilled on curved suraces or by drilling tool eliminates difficult deburring operations quickly and accurately. This tools can be used in portable power tools, drilling machines and in CNC machines
The blades are replaceable. Hence the tool becomes very cost effective.
Precision Depth Control Tools:
The Precision Depth Control Tool is used to achieve consistent depth of cut in countersinks from part to part. The depth can be pre-setted according to the requirement. One time setting is enough to get repeatability. The countersinks are inter changeable hence single tool can be used for different sizes.